Gray Day

Hey, people! How are you? Nothing much happened these past days. Today I planned to buy some material to this project I have in mind (not sure yet If i'll go with it, if I do, I'll tell you guys all about it) and buy a new sweater. Oh, I said my plans never work out, right? Yeah, it didin't work out because my Mom took the money I had in my wallet! Cool, right? Anyway, I'll buy it this weekend when I receive some money.



I went to class like this, today. The weather is really weird, sometime it's sunny then it gets chilly and cold. I picked up this sweatshirt from my Mom (good thing we almost wear the same size in clothing). I like it very much, it warms you yet you can use it when it's sunny. I didn't take full bory pictures because my jeand has nothing special. The shoes are from Arezzo. I reaaally like the color.





Last weekend I didn't go out. My mood was not that great and I had to change my cellphone chip, because I'm a super intelligent person and in some way I blocked it. And now that I'm working I have little time to go out, but I'm working for a greater purpose that is to buy a new camera and save money for a trip, so, I'll have to make the sacrifice of not going out that much.



Anyway, hope you guys have a good week!
Take Care!


jamie-lee said...

loving the colour palette, you look tres chic x

madeleine said...

hey! those photos are really tasteful. i like the clean design! so cool you're going to seoul, it's a huuuuge but also amazing city. great, great fashion :)
die melange

Jessica said...

do love your loose toppp so much :) :)

Bonny Ann said...

love your outfit!

fashionwise said...

great look! what colour nailpolish are you wearing ?

have you seen my latest post?

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

You have some amazing jewelery! I especially like the rings!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog