Yes, I'm THAT disorganized.

Oh God! I'm more than sorry for the super massive lack of posts! Uni is literally killing me, SO many things to do, and OMG I HAVE to vent about it:

Something that really pisses me off is iresponsible people. And in Uni, at least here, you'll see it all the time. Not that I don't have my share of irresponsibleness however, I KNOW i'm wrong, and I care about it. This people, don't.

I'm not the person to judge anyone (Hey, they can do what they want), but this really gets on my nerves when it envolves ME: I had this group seminar's plan to prepare and oh, well I couldn't go to the reunion we'd make. To my surprise, the rest of the people went, as planned, but didn't do anything!
I had sent them sources and all so that they had my part of the work, and...NOTHING. We did it today, one day before we have to talk to our professor.

You know what is the best? A few days agor, we had the 'Choppada' (that's how we call a Uni party where beers are free, sometimes not just beer. For example, today we'd have Vodka and energetic drink), anyway my classes finish at 18:30pm and the party starts at 20:00pm and goes 'till people are there. I didn't know if I'd go because I didn't study much last weekend, so I have to update my readings and all. When I said I wasn't going people were all like 'WHY NOT?', I explained what I just wrote and 'OOH, you can do that on the weekend!', 'Who cares? We can do that next week, we don't have class!' I mean, really? I paid for the party (when you pay it, you can go to ANY other party as this one, and you don't have to pay it anymore untill you die. Yes, there are people with 30 years old, graduated at my UNI, already have their certificate and still go to theses parties) but I have more things to do!

I don't know if I'm beeing an over worried person, but none of them will do my papers, texts or seminars. I do like to party, but sometimes work comes before it. You know, sometimes I do what I want, but sometimes I do what I HAVE TO do. Even if this is my class's party, I can't go. It sucks? Yep, it does. But I like to think that I'm doing this for a better cause.

Ok, I vented to much, but I needed.

Take Care!  


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Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

I'm loving your blog

Bonnie said...

It seems like you have been super busy lately!!!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Yolandaas said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, and no worries , I'm following x Take Care!

madeleine said...

hey! i've been good, but i SO understand what you're saying. i have the same troubles with thousands of tasks for uni and work and whenever we have a group project at uni my mates makes me so mad. it s not about being over worried, it about being ambitious and actually wanting to achieve something :) so keep up what you're doing and don't feel bad about not blogging. what you're doing at uni will pay off so much in life! //dariadaria

ANNIE said...

IF anything, I really admire that you have your priorities straight and your head screwed on properly. Work is work, and you have to admit it feels fantastic to finish all the work you were planning on doing.

And you're not disorganised at all!All your stuff is in neat piles and your power cords are all tied up. Man you should see my room hahaha

Hope uni is going well :)