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Going to a different topic... a few days ago, a girl wrote a post about fashion blogs in wich I agreed with certain points. The post is in portuguese, you can try to read it with google translator, if you want a translation I'll try to ask permition and post here later so you guys can read it more properly (The original: http://lookdodiadodia.tumblr.com/post/15371912939/carta-aberta-para-blogueiras-de-moda).

I'll talk about MY VIEW about fashion blogs in here:

I can't say I started reading them when they first started, however I got the chance to live and see this boom of blogs. I think blogs are a super awesome way of express your ideas, opinions and show your talents, art, way of dressing and etc. It's a pretty democratic way, because anyone can have a blog. 

The Fashion ones got in a different level I think because 1) is a different way of showing a person the fashion world 2) you express your point of view about it 3) in the 'look of the day' section or whatever, you express your personality and even your way of using what's in trend 4) If your blog is considered good you get sponsors, and chances to work with people you didn't think you could 5) you can even earn money from it. In resume, it's a great 'open doors' and the networking is huge.

The problem is when the blogger change the editorial line and the way of expressing herself (or himself) because of itens 4 and 5. It's really sad when you get the vibe that the blogger is writing or doing the things that are posted on the blog because of these them. I feel like things changed and don't get that excited to read the post.

When I first read a post or see a picture in a blog I try to see the persons view. From the person's writing I try to see him/her character; from the pictures, him/her way of portraing whatever that is interesting to the person, and etc. And I get really frustrated when I just see pictures/post about the 50th trip to that place where the person got to know that person that does some thing that I really don't care about, or when there are just posts about sponsors and I get none useful information. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy these posts, the problem is in the frequency of them.

When it's just that what I see, I stop reading the blog. I feel like the essency of it is gone. There's nothing wrong about getting recognition, the problem is when that gets to your brain. I'll stand by the ones that still talks to their readers, that doesn't shut down their comments page because someone didn't agree with what was said in the post or that didn't like that blazer or something like that.

Nowadays I read few blogs, but those are the ones I really like and that I feel the blogger didn't change the editorial line of the blog and still writes the same (because when they change the way of writing I get super sad, omg). And understands that a person can have a different opinion from him/her.

Anyway, that's my two cents about this. Reminding that I'm not writing about anyone in particular, but in general, ok?

What do you guys think about this?

Take Care!

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