Foster The People

Last Wednesday I went to a Foster The People show!

It was more than great, because inicially I didn't have money so I was not even thinking about going to the show but a friend of mine found out where their hotel was and went there to meet them, then asked for a show ticket for her and for me and one of the guys put us on the bands list! So basically I went to the show for free! It was glorious. Early in the afternoon at the show's day I went to their hotel and got the chance to take pictures with Mark Foster and Mark Pontius, it was fun :)

I didn't take pictures myself because I really wanted to enjoy the show, I was pretty much in front of the stage and could see everything. The venue it happened is called 'Circo Voador', that roughly can be translated to 'the flying circus', hahaha.

 But anyway, one of the best moments were when Mark Foster in the middle of Pumped Up Kicks ran to the second flor of the venue and jumped in the crownd: the only problem of doing this in Brazil is that we are probably not going to carry you  so that you can go onstage anymore, we're probably just going to grab you and try to hold you and all...well that's what happened. I din't even get near here there was too much people. lol

At the end I got a pick, my part of the ticket was all ruined because I kept it in my pocket the whole time and I probably lost 1kg because I sweat like I have never had before. All the pictures I posted are from I Hate Flash, (and yes, I'm in them, you just have to look a little more to find me, hahaha)  a really cool site that takes pictures of parties and shows here in Rio.

That's it!
Take Care, guys! :)


Jacquelyn said...

Looks like it was an awesome show!! I'm itching to go to more concerts!


Jessica said...

wow that is so cool!! that worked out so well for you! i love them they have such a great sound!