If you've read my profile in the right side of my blog, you know that I was born in Rio. I don't live there since year 2000. I'm now living in the midwest of Brazil and pretty much spent my whole teen's years here.

However, as I wanted to major in Communication/Advertising, I needed to get out of here because the only Universities that had this major are the private ones (that are, well, expensive), and the Federal (that's how we call the ones that are sustained by the government and you don't have to pay if you get in) from the state I live in don't have this major. To achieve my goal of getting-the-hell-out-of-here, I did the ENEM*. For a matter of luck, the years I spent in the military school* and, actually, learned something (yep, I studied in one of these), many prayers and many nights that I couldn't sleep, I passed!

Now, I'm going back to Rio. Great! Right? Yeah, well, not so much as I'm thinking now. At the same time that I'm excited I'm a little scared. It's going to be a very different enviroment, new people (although I have friends there but they're not going  to study with me), new places, new everything. Because I'm going back now, after 11 years. I've spent my vacations in there through out those years, but it's not the same thing. I'm going to live there.

Many things are going to change: my house's number is not going to be 07 anymore. I'll have to memorize a new adress, I'm going to live with my Grandma, I'll have to manage my money, I'll have to learn again wich buses I'll have to take to get to some place, I'll have to pratically do everything by myself. I know that I'm going to grow a lot as a person, that I'm going to learn so many things, but it's weird. It's like I'm facing this big lion by myself, even when I know my family is going to be there (my whole family is from Rio, just me and my parents live here in the midwest).

It's really bittersweet. I still have 3 months before going there, so I'll try to manage this feeling. I'm going to see if it'll change by the time my last day in here becomes closer. I personally don't think it will, but you never know what it'll happen.

Have you ever felt this or experience some change like this one?
Take care, guys!

* if you guys want, I can explain exactly what ENEM and the military school are. I just didn't because the post would become huge. 


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