MC Donald's

Yesterday I went out with a friends of mine. We didn't do much, just ate some things and talked about everything and nothing at all. If that makes any sense to you.
I didn't take a fool outfit picture. But here you can see at least what I wore in the top, a simple Jeans Shit.
I'm busy looking for a job these days, so I don't now if I'll post much this week. I'll make an effort anyway.
Excuse my nails in these pictures, I know I need to paint them agay, I need to find time though.
Take care!

Ignore my expression, here you can see my white ring properly.
Cute kid pouting at the right side. I use these rings that are on my left hand everyday. 


t said...

Nice rings!


madeleine sophie said...

love your style!

die melange

FashionGirl said...

i love your nailpolish !
what brand and coulour is this ?

What do you think about following each other ? I'd be happy ;) follow me and i'll follow as soon as possible back !

xx FashionGirl <3

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ANNIE said...

you have spunky style, your nose ring is perfect.
read all 8 posts of your blog haha, look forward to more!
and i for one would love to know about the whole military school thing?
p.s thanks for your comment :)


Suika said...

I adore your rings :O And where does that fabulous nail colour come from ? It's simply amazing ! Love your outfit by the way ;)
Have a great day !

Brandon said...

sweet shades :)

Paulien said...

Your glasses are really cool!