I envy everyone that is at this event. Seriously, I wish I could go. As we know, Coachella just oozes a relax vibe.  Wich we translate into some comfortable clothes. Often, we se pictures of these festival and what we see is a lot of people wearing clothes with a bohemian/hippie chic style.

What I think is a great thing is that you translate your style to every kind of event you go. So that you can always show how your personality is and people can recognize you as, well, you.
I found one person that actually does this quite well. It's Dita Von Teese. I'm not that fan of hers, but totally respect her style and her originality.
Here's a picture with her outfits until now at Coachella:

Kate Bosworth, istead uses this really casual outfit that I, actually, would use in real life. It seems really comfortable and  I want it now.

Here are another outfits that I like and would probably use (in everyday life) if I went there too.

source: justjared.com, elle.com

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