Why I made this blog - part 2.

After seeing those pictures in the last post, the urge to get a blog came back again. I've had more than 5, however, they never lasted long enough.
Sometimes I feel that not many Brazilians post in English (not that they have to), and the amout of people you can reach descreases. I made this blog because I want to share some of the Brazilian Culture (not that I'm an expert in this, but I can share what I know), and some of my own thoughts, not just about fashion but in any topic that comes to my mind.

I was born in the 4th day of May and the name of the blog comes after it. Althought, I have a fun fact about it. In the school I studied, all of the students received and identification number, mine was 427. If you add this numbers you get: 4 + 2+ 7 = 13. Right? Now, add: 1+3 = 4. Yeah, you get the day I was born. I'm not saying that it's some destiny thing, it's just something I found interesting.

Anyway, I hope that anyone that reads my blog have a fun time.
Thank you,


Blue Dressed Doll said...

I love your photos!! I´m new too in the world´s blogs :-)
I follow you!

Nostalgic Senses said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog~!
i can't wait to see what you have to share about the brazilian culture.. i don't know anything about it!

Love from Seoul,
Nostalgic Senses