sources: yantaejing.com, ihateflash.net

Hey, guys! Here are some of my favorite pictures of tattooed people. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo,   I have some ideas in mind but I have to decide yet. Any of you guys have tattoos?


Ramona said...

I love the first one :)



Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Sabrina T. said...

i like most of all the little ones..i think they are the cutest on a person!!like your selection:)and this blog is very very nice lady!!!
Would u come and follow mine if u like it dear??I'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u!
kiss from MIlan!

Patchwork à Porter

Moroccan fashion diary said...

Stunning pics !!!

Paola said...



TheMadTwins said...

Amazing pictures =D
love this though that tattoos can be actually very pretty :D

madeleine said...

i dont have one. sometimes i think about getting one but then i end up being too scared that i wont like it in a couple of years... i dont really think i want to put anything permanent on my body, bc life never is permanent :) it always moves and changes.

but i think they look awesome... what do you think of getting? and where?

That girl Saadiya said...

I've been seriously considering to get a tattoo too.. My parents would kill me though!! lol