São João De Meriti

Hi guys, I took too long to write this post. I am SO sorry. I'm already living in Rio for almost a week now. Thing's been great. Later I'll talk about this. Today, I'm going to talk about this part of Rio that people don't visit that much when they're here. It's not a 'pretty' part, so it makes sense.

I'm talking about one county that is part of the 'Baixada Fluminense' (that's how it's called a few counties that are near the Capital of the State Of Rio De Janeiro), this part of the State is far from the turistic spots like Copacabana, Ipanema, Botafogo, etc (that are IN the Capital). It's inhabited by people from a lower social class. However, it's pretty big (I circuled the are I'm more familiar with) as you can see in the map below:

I lived my childhood in São João de Meriti. From the ones circuled in the map, I can say that from the ones in there, the one I lived is a pretty bad one. I mean, it's near the Shopping Mall, but if some day you come to Rio you're going to see something very interesting. The 'Favelas' that are those huge comunities situated on these mountais slopes or even in the middle of the city coexits with the high class neighborhoods (of course, some don't coexist, but you can see this fact in a big part of the State).

I took some pictures from my way back to São João, mainly from 'Estrada Das Pedrinhas' (that I can translate too 'Road of the Little Stone' in a very rough translation it looks like this and this, that is located in the Venda Velha neighborhood). It's called like these because this principal road in there is covered with stones.

There was this very stylish old man in the bus as I getting my way in there. I tried to take a picture of him, but I wasn't that much successful. I hope you enjoy the pictures. And i'm so sorry for taking this long to update in here. I'm not going to do that anymore.


NRC♥ said...

Such interesting pictures hun.

Buky said...

This reminds me so much of some parts of Nigeria.

Yeliz Selvi said...

THE WINDOW SHOTS ARE INCREDIBLE, dear, you certainly have a stunning eye. This place is amazing..

Anonymous said...

Olá! Achei muito interessante vc querer retratar o município que viveu mostrando o contraste entre essa região e os belos pontos turísticos e bairros famosos conhecidos pelos turistas.
Sou arquiteta da prefeitura e realizo um trabalho sobre o patrimônio histórico e, por incrível que pareça, existe beleza em São João...Gostaria de entrevistá-la para o trabalho.

Raissa said...

^ Ao comentário em Anônimo: Por favor, entre em contato por esse email: fourthexpression@hotmail.com para podermos conversar. Obrigada!

Anonymous said...

Já enviei mensagem por e-mail