Military School

Military School
The first one was created in Rio de Janeiro in 1889. The idea behind this project was that it'd assist the children of the soldiers that might die in war. However, it was just boys were allowed to get into this school. Just in 1989, girls were accepted. And now, they even accept non-military related children. And they just accept children that are going to the 6th grade or above. Let me explain:

If you are a non-military related children, the first year you can get in a school like this is at the 6th grade. If you wasn't able to pass, you have a second chance but just if you are going to the 11th grade. To get in, you have to do a Math Test and a Portuguese Test (for you that don't live here in Brazil the equivalent would be an English Test) based in all you have learned untill now. If you pass, great. If not, well, that's it. Because they just open few vacancies. The rest is all for military related children.

My Dad is a Military. However, it's not that easy. As I was going to the 6th grade and never studied in a Military School before, I had to do the tests too (You always take this test if it's you first time getting in a school like this). You just don't have to take the test if you already study in a Military School and your Dad/Mom/Person Responsible for you  is beeing transfered to another State that has a Military School (as I said, there are 12 in Brazil), you automatically have a place in the School.

Well, I got in, YAY, right? Hmm, no, not really. The really good thing is that the educational system in these establishments are really good. Better than the average. However, you have too many rules to obey. When you first get in, you have a Behavior Grade (BG), that is 8. It can get higher if you don't break the rules, if you don't obey, they take points out and if your BG gets in 3, they pretty much are going to expell you and you can never enter another Military School.

I studief in the CMCG: Col├ęgio Militar de Campo Grande; the best out of the 12. But the rules were really stupied (in my opinion), I couldn't paint my nails unless if it was a transparent nail polish, just could use my hair  in a pony tail because it was long (if the length is above your sholders you can use it normally), couldn't use big earrings, couldn't use rings unless it was a very descrit one, like a promisse ring in just ONE of my hands. Oh boy, I can go on an on about it. You don't have individual expression in there. It sucks. The only reason I stayed there was because of the education I received there. I wouldn't have learned anything If I studied somewhere else.

We have 5 different uniforms:

This one we use when we have a 'special occasion'
that is not THAT special

This uniform we use everyday. When we don't have that 'special occasion'
that's not THAT special

Our 'special occasion' uniform, behind us, the entrance of the school

We use this one when we have activities in the afternoon.
However, in this picture, we were having internal games in the school,
that's why we are laid on the ground, in normal day we couldn't
never do that. lol
I don't have pictures of the fifth one myself, but it's the one used to gym classes. It's horrible. Seriously.

I'll let you with these two videos of my graduation, this outfit here is just used in special occasions:

Well, I guess this explain a lot for now. It became really long. If you have more questions, just let it in the coments!
Take care!

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