New Purchases + Nail Polish

In another post some people asked about my nail polish. And here it is!
Well, it's actually a mix of two nail polishes.

Nail Polishes

The one in the left: Brand, IMPALA. Name, Na Mira 3D. It's holographic. (I'll call it 3D in the post)

The one in the right: Brand, RISQUÉ by Isabeli Fontana. Name, Tattoo. It's a shiny black. (I'll call it SB in the post)

Unfortunately, I don't know if they're available in your countries. But I'm sure you can find similar ones, or even identical.
To get that result shown my post 'MC Donald's', you just have to apply two layers of the SB on your nails, wait to it dry and then you can apply one layer of the 3D. Then, you'll have the same result. Here in this next picture you can see it again:

First finger: 2 layers of SB+ one layer of 3D, Second finger: just the 3D, Pinky finger: just the SB

Here you can see how they are under the sun light:

Three different angles of the Nail Polishes.
Pinky Finger: one layer only of the SB, Second finger: One layer only of 3D,
Third finger: 2 layers of SB + 1 layer of 3D

New Purchases
Yesterday my mom took me to a new store she found. It was full of accessories, bracelets, necklaces, rings...I pretty much wanted to bring everything home. But, I don't have all this money, so I bought a bracelet and a new ring. 

The ring is quite unique it has the words 'Forza', 'Equilibrio', 'Amore' and 'Energia'.

The bracelet is simple, it's military green, with some sparkly stones. 

I'll try to use them in some new outfit post.
Thanks to everyone that is commenting in my blog. It means a lot.
Take care!


fashionwise said...

great nailpolish!!

vintage process said...

Love the ring!

The Cat Hag said...

Love the nail polishes, very chic! :)

The Cat Hag

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Just stumbled on your blog -- it's SO FIERCE. I love the layout. It's so professional lookin'. Looove. And the header is sick, too.

Also GAH I LOVE THAT NAILPOLISH. It's like a party. On your fingers. Um, WAY COOL.

Check out mine?

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dollyetvous said...

We can do nothing without nail polish !